Allégret, Marc

Allégret, Marc
(December 23, 1900, Basle, Basel-Stadt, Switzerland-November 3, 1973 Paris, France)
   The son of a preacher and brother of future direc­tor Yves Allégret, he studied law at the Ecole des Sciences Politiques. From the age of seventeen, he admired writer André Gide, a friend and protector of his family who soon became his spiritual father. Thanks to Gide, he met the greatest artists and poets of his time (Picasso, Paul Valéry, Man Ray, Jean Coc­teau, Erik Satie, Saint-Exupéry, Joseph Kessel). When he accompanied Gide on his trip to Africa, he filmed the journey. After shooting several shorts, he became assistant director to Robert Florey (1932 LAmour chante, also production designer) and Augusto Genina. When Florey had to go to the USA without having time to finish Le Blanc et le Noir, he completed the movie. He is known as an actor's discoverer (Fern-andel, Simone Simon, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Jean-Louis Barrault, Gérard Philipe, Danièle Delorme, Brigitte Bardot, Jean-Paul Belmondo). He played a supporting part in a film directed by his former assistant Roger Vadim (1961 Et mourir de plaisir / Il sangue e la rosa / UK and USA: Blood and Roses; France / Italy).
1927 ◘ Voyage au Congo (documentary)
        ◘ En Tripolitaine (documentary; short)
1928 ◘ L'Ile de Djerba (documentary; short)
        ◘ Les Chemins de Fer belges (documentary; short)
        ◘ Papoul ou l'Agadadza (medium-length)
        ◘ La Meilleure Bobonne (short)
        ◘ J'ai quelque Chose à vous dire (short)
        ◘ Attaque nocturne (short)
        ◘ Le Collier (short)
        ◘ Isolons-nous Gustave (short)
        ◘ Les Quatre Jambes (short)
        ◘ Le Blanc et le Noir (also art director; co-director with Robert Florey)
        ◘ Les Amours de Minuit (co-director with Au-gusto Génina)
        ◘ Mam'zelle Nitouche
1932 ◘ La Petite Chocolatière (also screenwriter, dialogist)
        ◘ Fanny
1934 ◘ Lac aux Dames / USA: Ladies Lake (also co-screenwriter)
        ◘ L'Hôtel du Libre Echange (also co-screenwriter)
        ◘ Sans Famille Zouzou
        ◘ Les Beaux Jours
        ◘ Sous les Yeux d'Occident / Razumov Les Amants terribles
        ◘ Aventure à Paris
1937 ◘ Gribouille
        ◘ La Dame de Malacca
1938 ◘ Orage
        ◘ Entrée des Artistes
1939 ◘ Le Corsaire (also co-adapter; unfinished)
        ◘ Parade en sept Nuits (also co-screenwriter)
        ◘ L'Arlésienne
        ◘ Les Deux Timides (Yves Allégret; director of a few scenes; shot in 1941)
        ◘ La Belle Aventure (shot in 1942)
        ◘ Les Petites du Quai aux Fleurs
        ◘ Félicie Nanteuil (shot in 1942)
        ◘ Lunegarde (shot in 1944-1945)
        ◘ Létrus (also co-adapter)
1948 ◘ Blanche Fury (UK)
1950 ◘ The Naked Heart / UK and USA: Maria Chapdelaine (also screenwriter; shot in double ver­sion; France / UK)
1951 ◘ Blackmailed (UK)
        ◘ Avec André Gide (documentary)
1952 ◘ Mademoiselle et son Revenant
        ◘ Occultisme et Magie (documentary)
        ◘ Lean Coton (documentary; short; unfinished)
        ◘ Julietta
        ◘ L'amante di Paride / L'eterna femmina / Hélène de Troie / UK: The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships (also co-screenwriter; co-director with Edgar G. Ulmer; Italy)
1955 ◘ Futures Vedettes / UK: Sweet Sixteen / Joy of Living / USA: School for Love / Joy of Loving (also co-screenwriter, co-adapter, co-dialogist)
        ◘ L'Amant de Lady Chatterley / USA: Lady chatter-ley's Lover (also screenwriter, adapter, dialogist)
        ◘ En effeuillant la Marguerite / UK: Mam'selle Striptease / USA: Mademoiselle Striptease / Please Mr. Balzac / Plucking the Daisy (also co-screenwriter, co-adapter)
        ◘ L'Amour est en Jeu
        ◘ Sois Belle et tais-toi / UK: Blonde for Danger / Just Another Pretty Face / USA: Be Beautiful But Shut Up (also co-screenwriter, co-adapter)
        ◘ Un Drôle de Dimanche / US TV: Sunday En­counter
        ◘ Les Affreux (also uncredited screenwriter)
1962 ◘ Les Démons de Minuit / UK: Demons at Midnight (co-director with Charles Gérard)
        ◘ Les Parisiennes / Le Parigine / UK: Beds and Broads / USA: Tales of Paris (episode "Sophie"; also co-screenwriter; France / Italy)
        ◘ L'Abominable Homme des Douanes
        ◘ Pour le Plaisir (documentary; short)
        ◘ Portrait-Souvenir d'André Gide (documentary; short)
        ◘ Bibliothèque d'Enfant (documentary; short)
        ◘ Exposition 1900 (documentary; short)
        ◘ Lumière (documentary; short)
        ◘ Lumière II (documentary; short)
        ◘ Début de Siècle (documentary; short)
        ◘ La Grande-Bretagne et les Etats-Unis de 1896 à 1900 (documentary; short)
        ◘ Jeunesse de France (documentary; short)
1969 ◘ L'Europe continentale avant 1900 (documentary; short)
        ◘ L'Europe méridionale au Temps des Rois (documentary; short)
1970 ◘ Le Bal du Comte d'Orgel (also co-screenwriter, co-adapter)

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